Saturday, November 14, 2009


So I was meaning to do a Halloween post but I didn't get around to it. So when I finally did get the pictures off the camera I found some others that are just too cute. So now it's an October post.
Brookelyn fell on her head just before these pictures. She loved those flowers.

Hanging with Grammy, Andy and Papa, when they came to visit.

Peeling corn with daddy.

Brookelyn kept taking off her diapers and making messes everywhere. So we decided that she was ready for potty training. Well it is an ongoing thing but she is doing pretty well with it. Just this week she has realized that she needs to go potty. YEAH! I'm not minding that there aren't many poopy diapers anymore.

Brookelyn in her Halloween costume. (She's a flower, in case you couldn't tell) I made her costume, and I think it turned out pretty well.

Carving the pumpkin. I was the cutter, they were the gutters.

Here he is. Darren told B to lick the pumpkin. I told her to kiss it.