Wednesday, April 30, 2008

What flavor of ice cream are you?

So my sister's friend had this quiz on her blog and here is my results.

You're Black Raspberry.
You are passionate, creative, and inspired. Black raspberry ice cream is an unusual color and flavor, so some people might consider it strange, but your exciting personality is what makes you so delicious. You bring a juicy burst of flavor to everything you do, and your life is packed with one memorable experience after another.

This is what flavor Darren would be:

You're Mint Chocolate Chip.
Mint chocolate chip ice cream wakes up people's taste buds, and you do the same thing when you walk into a room. The chocolatey bits represent your sweet, flirtatious side, and the minty flavor represents your high energy level. You are smart, witty, and you make a great first impression. Your friends value your advice, because you tend to see things from a fresh new perspective.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Brookelyn's Blessing

Here are some pictures of our dolly on her blessing day. Darren's mom made the dress, the bonnet, and matching booties. My sister Jenny made the bracelet. What a little cutie-patutie! We had some of our family come from Utah, Darren's parents, My parents, my sisters Heather and Jenny, and Jenny's cute family- Chris (b-i-l), Elise and Tessa (Nieces). My Aunt Donna and Uncle Gary from Vacaville were there too. It really made it special to have them here for her special day.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Two Months

I was going to be all creative and do "Brookelyn's favorite things", but I'm lazy or just too tired, so you get these cute pictures of Brookelyn instead.

Here are her favorite things though:

1. Her white Binky, not the green one, not the pink one, just the white one.

2. Her swing (thanks to Beth), she loves to sleep in her swing.

3.Taking baths, she doesn't know how to splash, but I think she will soon start.
4. Taking walks in the stroller. As long as we keep moving she loves to go walking. (Which is good for my exercise).
5. Sleeping on the boppy. I know babies aren't supposed to sleep on them, but she is so peaceful.
6. Her mommy and daddy, she just learned how to smile and we get all of the smiles.
7. Shopping, we can go shopping for hours and she rarely has any problems.

Yes Brookelyn is in a bag. This bag was made by a friend of mine that worked with me at the Temple. I thought it was funny that she fit in the bag, and actually liked being in there.