Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Two Months

I was going to be all creative and do "Brookelyn's favorite things", but I'm lazy or just too tired, so you get these cute pictures of Brookelyn instead.

Here are her favorite things though:

1. Her white Binky, not the green one, not the pink one, just the white one.

2. Her swing (thanks to Beth), she loves to sleep in her swing.

3.Taking baths, she doesn't know how to splash, but I think she will soon start.
4. Taking walks in the stroller. As long as we keep moving she loves to go walking. (Which is good for my exercise).
5. Sleeping on the boppy. I know babies aren't supposed to sleep on them, but she is so peaceful.
6. Her mommy and daddy, she just learned how to smile and we get all of the smiles.
7. Shopping, we can go shopping for hours and she rarely has any problems.

Yes Brookelyn is in a bag. This bag was made by a friend of mine that worked with me at the Temple. I thought it was funny that she fit in the bag, and actually liked being in there.


Jenny Kapp said...

Give her a month or two and she will not only fit in the bag but think it is fun to be in the bag swinging! She is getting so big - still so cute! Can't wait to see her in 2 days!! Yeah!!!! It better be warm! We have had snow again the past 2 days! I can't take any more cold! E-mail me how the weather has been!

Anonymous said...

Your right she is cute! I loved spending time with her and of course you and Darren. Keep up the good work!