Saturday, May 28, 2011

Picking Cherries

We went cherry picking with a bunch of our friends last week. We picked all that we wanted. The girls ate as much as we picked (almost). I love all the u-pick farms around. It's so much fun for everyone.

Little Fishy

Brookey's been taking swim lesson the last few weeks. It's been a little chilly but she has been doing great. She gets to do them with her BFFs Haylee, James, Jakub, and Kayla. Her teacher Megan is super cute with them. Brooke asks me everyday if it's swim day. She loves going.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My Family

My cute Mom

She didnt know I was taking pictures of her taking pictures.
My Dad being chased my the grandkids.
My Family - Parents, Brothers and Sisters.
Just the kids -  In height order, not age.
 From left to right and place by age: Denise #2, Lisa #4, Me #6, Jenny #3, Heather #1, Andy #7 Nephi #5
Siblings - through thick and thin?

Seems just about right.

If you cant tell I love my family. We are all crazy in our own ways. We all love each other and have a great time together.