Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My Family

My cute Mom

She didnt know I was taking pictures of her taking pictures.
My Dad being chased my the grandkids.
My Family - Parents, Brothers and Sisters.
Just the kids -  In height order, not age.
 From left to right and place by age: Denise #2, Lisa #4, Me #6, Jenny #3, Heather #1, Andy #7 Nephi #5
Siblings - through thick and thin?

Seems just about right.

If you cant tell I love my family. We are all crazy in our own ways. We all love each other and have a great time together. 


Jenny Kapp said...

It is great to be your sibling too! I am not sure there is any thin in the picture of the booties...but there is a lot of thick! Those are all really fun pictures!

Anonymous said...

Those are really fun pictures. Great family. Great people.