Sunday, July 15, 2012


We went camping a while back with our freinds. We get there and its snowing, like white out snowing. We just about turned around and went home. But we were offered to stay in a cabin and we decided we could handle that. Here are the pictures I remembered to take. Not many, but some are better than none.
Ashlee loved the backpack.

Another shot. So cute up there.

Brookey by a HUGE tractor tire. She couldnt believe tires could be that big.

Playing in the snow.

With the other kids enjoying the snow.

Three and Four Months

Ashlee has had quite the few months. Meeting more cousins, aunts and uncles. A yucky rash. Went camping, to the beach, and the lake. A new favorite toys. Decided that binkies and bottles arent so bad. (She wouldn't take either before) But life is great!
Ashlee is the best baby. She is happy all the time. Only cries when she is hungry or tired. Absolutely loves her sister! She has developed a cute personality and likes to laugh and smile. We certainly love our little chubbers.
Cousin Simone wanted to hold baby Ashlee

Cousin Tessa loves babies! Especially Ashlee!
But Tess can get a bit loud and scared Ashlee.
Aunt Jenny helping Tess hold her.

Grammy and Ash taking a snooze

Bad rash. Dont know what caused it, probably the heat.

Favorite toy, the kick mat with rings to grab!

Typical day with the family

My beautiful girls!

Photo by Brookelyn


Saturday, July 14, 2012

Laugh or Cry?

This was a total accident. B pulled the shelf of dishes down on herself. She tried to catch some but most didn't survive. I love these dishes and am sad to see them go. Maybe I'll make a mosaic something out of them.