Saturday, July 14, 2012

Laugh or Cry?

This was a total accident. B pulled the shelf of dishes down on herself. She tried to catch some but most didn't survive. I love these dishes and am sad to see them go. Maybe I'll make a mosaic something out of them.

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Grandma Cats said...

Accidents Happen. Darren was putting away my Corelle Indian Summer plates and saucers and dropped them on the ceramic counter in Springville. They shattered and broke into a lot of little pieces. I had forgoten about it, until I saw your breakage. He was forgiven a long time ago. He sure looked scared when it happened. I think I have 1 plate left and the motif is wearing off of it. Wish I would have thought of making a mosiac. Corelle really shatters when it breaks. Good luck with whatever you do. Love y'all,