Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Trip to Yosemite

We went on a few trips to Yosemite in the last few weeks. We thought that it would be fun to show you some of our pictures.
The first trip I made with my sisters, Jenny and Heather, and Jenny's girls Tessa and Elise. The second trip Darren and I took with his parents Faye and Marden.

Half Dome
This is a climber on El Capitan. If you look at the blue pack on the wall, that is actually what they sleep in overnight on their way up the wall.


more scenery

Darren climbing one of the many rock walls in Yosemite.

Scenic View
El Capitan
This is the bear we saw. He was just hanging out in the tree. We almost walked right under the tree on accident (Scary). We saw quite a few bears. Three while with my sisters, and with Darrens parents we saw a mommy and baby cubs.
Bridalveil Falls without any water falling
Trees in the meadow


Elise said...

That looks awesome! Tell Darren if he ever want to really climb to drop by Utah and let me show him the ropes!!! I am so jealous. If I were less busy I would take a trip to climb ol'Cap, too!

Jewele said...

Love the pics! What a beautiful place! I wish Texas was that beautiful... :) oh, and tag you're it. See my blog for details!