Tuesday, January 22, 2008

New Layout

I figured its a new year with new changes to come, why not start with my blog. I went pink for two reasons; first, Valentine's Day is coming and why not be prepared for it, and second, more importantly, my baby girl is coming any time now, and why not have a cute girly look to post her first picture on. So, I hope you think the new look is as cute as I do.


Kristie said...

I like commments!

Jenny Kapp said...

You are so cute. I didn't leave a comment because we spoke in person about how cute your new layout was. Sorry, I love people to leave me comments also. It shows that they visited and are as excited about whatever I wrote about as much as me!! I hope you are feeling well. Only one very long and exciting week left! Keep us and your blog spot posted!! I pray for you this week! Love you!

Jewele said...

Kristie! You are such a cutie! I can't believe you are due so soon! Welcome to pink land - we love it!