Monday, August 18, 2008

Darren's Garden

The first week after we moved into our new house Darren decided he needed a garden. So here are some pictures of his happy little garden.

Notice the irrigation system, he puts the hose in one spot and it floods through the rest of the garden.

Squash and tomatoes.

This shows the little tomatoes coming out, along with Darren's pride and joy, a little watermelon.

And of course Darren's precious little orange tree.

All in all it is a good little garden and we have already enjoyed the peas.


Kaylynn said...

I never knew Darren was into gardening! :) Very impressive!


Laura said...

Awesome garden! I wish mine was flourishing. I'm just too darn lazy to go out and water. Next year perhaps. When that watermelon gets big, you'll have to take another picture. I'd love to see if it turns out good.

Jenny Kapp said...

Elise would be so jealous of your watermelon. Our mystery squash turned out to be yellow squash. To say the least, Elise noticed it isn't a watermelon. Darren should be proud of himself!

MOM said...

Hey Darren that is quite the garden!! All we have is dirt and grasshoppers. The grasshoppers have eaten every thing that is possible to eat. The weather here has been so dry, even our grass turned brown, although we were watering it. Wish I had some of your squash. We are glad your orange tree is doing good. MOM