Monday, November 10, 2008

Nine Months

What a character Brookelyn is turning out to be, but so cute! She is nine months old now and going on five.

Always so happy and getting into and on everything.
Loves to get her picture taken.
Silly, silly girl! Cant get alot of eating done when you have your feet on your tray or fall asleep.
This is Brookelyn at the beach with her Gma Peterson. This video is what happened to get her so dirty.

With her cousins at Disneyland. She is the youngest of her cousins. She had alot of fun playing with them all.

This is Brookelyn's newest trick. I just happened to have the camera when she started doing it.


amanda said...

Well it looks like she is going to keep you busy sooner than later. So cute, she'll be walking then running in no time!

Anonymous said...

She is so cute, she will be walking soon, and so vocal, you can almost hear her say up and meaning it. She is very fast on her hands and knees, she will be faster when she gets going walking. Looks like she had fun at the beach, also. We Love seeing the videos, and hearing them. Why were some of the first pictures not in color? She is cute with her feet on the tray, and asleep. Love, Grandma W

Lisa said...

You are in so much trouble!! Just wait until she is walking. We all miss you guys. We had so much fun at the beach and at Disneyland. Jordan thinks all babies are Brookelyn.

Jenny Kapp said...

She is so cute and growing so fast! She is so funny. Yelling dad and mom as she goes along her way. Up! Maybe she should be saying watch out! Soo funny!

carolyn said...

Wow! She is amazing! I can't believe she is the same age as Bryton and already standing up withou grabbing onto something. Way too cute.

Chris said...

Walking is nothing but trouble... oh sure, you think it's cute now - just wait. You should discourage this behavior immediately!
p.s. The talking only leads down the same precarious path. Don't say you weren't warned!

Anonymous said...

People just can't get over her big blue eyes, everyone comments on how pretty she is. Love Grandma W