Thursday, December 11, 2008

10 Months

I received an email threatening me because I hadnt posted new pictures of Brookelyn, so here they are.

She thought it was funny to have the hood on.

The little boy in the background is Brookelyn's boyfriend T-Dog.

Hanging with Daddy

And for the finale.......



Anonymous said...

Good Job!!! She looks like she enjoys walking, She is so cute. But she is way too young for a boyfriend!! She even sounds cute. Looks like she likes her daddy. You need to get some pictures with mommy. Can't wait to see y'all at Christmas. Love, Grandma W.

Jenny Kapp said...

So much fun! What a wild and crazy cutie you have! Walking to boot!! Yeah that you are coming and we get to see it all in person soon!

Lisa said...

You are in so much trouble, she can walk and open doors. She is so cute. I had to play the videos over and over for the kids, they love to see how big she is getting and her new talents.

carolyn said...

She definitely has talent and looks!

Melinda (farleysmiles) said...

T-dawg! LOL, he's going to have all these girls fighting over him, but it looks like Brookelyn has first claim, at least is has been declared on the internet!