Thursday, April 9, 2009

Silly B

Cute video of Brookelyn, please excuse the singing.

Target Tuesday, Mountain Dew and Pop pop.
Awesome bibs made by her Grandma Faye
She got mad when her skirt fell down and couldnt get the bibs off.
Silly Darrebear!


Lisa said...

Silly B I think silly Kookies! That is funny though, Makenna had to watch it over and over again. Darrebeat is just being himself:)

carolyn said...

Now those are the types of bibs i need for bryten so he quits pulling off his smaller velcro bibs and ruining his clothes!

momma Mare said...

How come I think that Brookelyn is so very cute? Do you think it is because she's my granddaughter? I loved the singing...Kristie's and Brookelyn's!

Lehikoinens said...

Dude... I LOVE those bibs!! I so need some of those. Maybe for this next baby I'll have my grandma make some. Such a fantastic idea... they're huge!!!!
BTW- we missed you today at my house!!!

Scott, Fia, and Tre said...

Oh geez! Soooo cute! Kristi! I LOVE the sunglasses pic!

Anonymous said...

I guess the bibs are a little bit big. She looks so cute in the sun glasses and she is so cute in all the pics. Darren looks good in the swami hat too. The singing is great and the video is sooo cute. Love, Grandma W