Monday, October 5, 2009


So I realize its been over a month since we got back from Alaska but I really wanted to post some of the pictures still.
This is us fishing. I didn't like when they had to bop it on the head. What good looking fishes.
Brookelyn and her cousin Kayla in matchy-matchy dresses. My sister made the dresses.
On the glacier tour

I ran in a 5k race. My sister and her two friends ran the half marathon. If was fun and challenging. I hadnt competed in a race since high school, and could definitely tell the next day.

Went hiking in Whittier, wishing it was snowboarding season.

Some scenery from our travels.


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Anonymous said...

Good Fishing! Good pictures! Good scenery! Cute kids! Nice dresses! Looks Cold! Grandma W

Beth's Blue Blog said...

amazing pictures- it looks beautiful there. congrats on the race, too!