Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Here it is....

So I pulled out my camera looking for pictures for a post and found a bunch. I had forgot about them from the last couple months.

November - Thanksgiving

Im thankful for my teacher sunday. Brookeyln loved helping with the frosting and that we traced her hand for the turkey.

The awesome pie I made from scratch. It was yummy too.

December - Christmas
She had fallen asleep in the car and woke up when Santa talked.

Making cookies with her cousin Chloe, Aunt Melissa, and Momma

My dad went to Jared's and was proud of his gift to my mom.
The loot. Brookey got a Tinkerbell doll. She loves Tinkerbell right now.
My baby got her first hair cut. It was just a trim but she had enough that it needed to be cut. Thanks Aunt Jen for cutting her hair.


Jenny Kapp said...

Did she put an imprint of her face in the frosting??? I also love the evil eye for Santa!! What a cute little lady!

carolyn said...

Tinkerbell rocks. Even my boys thinks she is cool.

Lisa said...

You pie looks good! Makes me want to see everyone! Miss you guys!

Anonymous said...

1st hair cut, so cute, all your pictures are great, I would like some of that pie right now. Was she afraid of Santa? Brookelyn is growing so fast and so cute. love grandma W