Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween Party

Brookelyn had her Halloween Party at Joy School. The kids sang songs and danced in their costumes. Here is a little video I took. She makes me laugh so hard.
Sorry its sideways. I didnt realize it would do that.

Tinkerbell all ready to go.


Brooke's class. What cute kids!


Grandma Cats said...

That is the cutest, funniest video I have ever seen. You need to sent it to America's Funniest Videos!! Marie is here and we laughed and laughed, then played it again and laughed some more. We turned tie monitor on its side and played it a few more times. And laughed some more. She is so cute and resourceful. Is she the only girl in her class? That is a cute costume also.

Danelle said...

You got good pictures!