Saturday, May 10, 2008

Three Months

Brookelyn is now 3 months old. She has started to babble and smile alot. It is very cute!

These are her cute poses.

Here are some funnier poses.

A cute outfit and a smile.

Helping Mom with the laundry.
Got a new hat for going out in the sun for stroller rides.

Spent an afternoon laying out on a blanket in the sun with mom.


Jenny Kapp said...

So cute as always! I love her in the hat. Just like her mom and looks great wearing a hat. I also like the one with her standing up. What a good helper she is becoming!

Jewele said...

What a sweet baby! You guys sure made a cute one! It's fun when they start to show their little personalities!

drpalaska said...

I see her striking a pose. You better watch out, you're going to have a diva on your hands.

Jenny Kapp said...

Loving the new background! Elise was so funny last night with her questions about your pretend eye!!

Anonymous said...

She looks so cute! I feel like she is growing up so fast! I'm going to have to come out and spend some time this summer!

Anonymous said...

Brookelynn is sooo cute, and pretty, also. Love the hat. and the basket pictures are priceless. Can't wait to see you guys, again.

John and Stef said...

Yay, I'm glad I found your blog! Brookelyn is so lovely!! I love the little photo shoot, pink is definitely her color...:)