Monday, June 9, 2008

New House

We bought a new house. Here are some pictures.

The front of the house and the porch.

The stairs.

The family room.

The kitchen.

These were taken about a week before we moved in so obvious there isn't any furniture or decorating.


Blake & Yanery said...

Congradulations! I love it.

Jewele said...

Wow! What a beautiful house! You'll have to post more pics once you are all moved in and settled...sigh...still a few more years for us! Can I just live vicariously through you?!

Kaylynn said...

Awesome house you guys! That is exciting! Brookelyn is adorable! :)


Anonymous said...

Great pictures of the wedding. Your house looks real good, have fun painting and decorating it. How does Brookelyn like the move? How was your flight home? Love MOM