Thursday, June 12, 2008

Four Months

Brookelyn is four months old now. She went to the Doctors for her check up and she is in the 75% for her height, but only 35% for weight. So I guess we have a tall skinny baby. Darren is hoping she will be tall enough to play in the WNBA. We will have to see.

After looking through Brookelyn's blessing photos I realized that I only get picture with one set of grandparents, so I happened to have her blessing dress in Utah with us and decided to take her picture.

Brookelyn with her cousin Tessa. Tess thought it was fun to get to hold the baby.

Brookelyn was taking a nap one day and this is how we found her sleeping. We thought it was funny.

Fun snap shot with mom.

While we were in Utah Brookelyn really missed her swing so we had to improvise and use the swing set instead.


Laura said...

I love her Mike Meyers stare. She's so cute.

Jenny Kapp said...

Those were all really good pictures! Such a big girl! I guess she does belong to our family - all the girls are tall and skinny.