Thursday, October 9, 2008

Eight Months

Here is our monthly update of Brookelyn. Mostly random pics.

These pictures are what happens when Darren baby sits. Brookey has also started cheesing whenever the camera comes out.

This is Brookelyn in time out. She actually thinks its fun except she cant figure out how to get off the ledge. Also this is a sneek peek of the family room. When I get it all finished I'll post pics.

What a cutie. She is wearing a dress that I wore as a baby.

Who needs a drink holder when you have a coffee table to lean against.

Hanging out with daddy in the kitchen.

Brookelyn always wants to play with our laptop every time we get it out. So we decided to give her an old one to play with.
Now you know why we didnt want her to play with the real one.


Laura said...

She looks so cute in that little yellow dress of yours'. I still have my baptism dress from way back when. I don't suppose my son would wear it for his baptism in December?? Hmmmm... tempting.

Anonymous said...

Brookelyn is really a cutie, and growing so fast. Standing up like that, it won,t be long before she is walking and you guys chasing her all over. She sure looks happy and contented. Good work you guys. Get some more photos of her in the yellow dress of yours, for a keepsake. Love Grandma W.

Jenny Kapp said...

That girl is rocking your world! So cute and funny! Can't wait to get some lovin' off that girl!!

My Mom and Dad said...

What a cutie pa-tootie!

My Mom and Dad said...

Hey Kristie...just a little FYI Denae created us a PHS 1999 blog! Check it out! Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Very cute Halloween picture.