Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Yummy, huh! This is just some of our garden yummies. Darren is so proud of himself. Good job!!

And thanks to Heather for helping plant it. Maybe in two weeks when we see you we can give you a taste of your hard work.


Jenny Kapp said...

Darren is super human! Our "watermelon" was actually a yellow squash and Elise has been sad. Right as our garden was starting to mature, we had a huge hail storm that ruined our crop! You know that your pretend eye is Elise's favorite thing about you too! Call me sometime about the fatigue thing, let's get you energetic again!!

Anonymous said...

Hey, that watermelon sure looks good. How did it taste? Does Brookelyn like watermelon. Everything looks good Congrats Darren on your green thumb. We didn't plant anything this year, but I did buy a bushel of tomatoes and bottled them.
When I think of your eye, I think about Jason and how surprised and freaked out he was. Love Grandma W

Kaylynn said...

You have been tagged Kristie! Go check out my blog!

Lisa Christesen said...

Way to go Darren on that yummy looking watermelon. you are the man! Did Brokelyn eat it?