Monday, March 12, 2012

Day 3

Ashlee is doing great at home. We are all happier at home together! Not much going on except eating, sleeping, and dirty diapers.
Playing with sister and daddy!


Joylynn said...

Holy cow Brookey and Darren look so much alike! They cross their legs the same and are looking at Ashlee with the same tilt to their heads, and Brookelyn has the same line of freckles over her nose that Darren had when he was her age! Ashlee looks soooo cute and cudley! Love you guys

Grandma Cats said...

Cute pictures, Joylynn said it all, except I think Brookelyn looks a lot like Kristie, too. Looks like Brookelyh likes her little sister Ashlee. Looks like Darren likes them both.