Thursday, March 8, 2012

Day One

Here is Ashlee's first day.

Grandma came to visit.

Big Sister Brookelyn came to visit. And got to hold me.

Our newest family photo.

Mom played dress up for my first big day.

And we took some cute pics of me and my big sister.
I also got a visit from mom's friend Jodi. I really liked her and slept the whole time she was holding me.


Jessica McClain said...

It's crazy to think Brooklyn is a big sister!! She looks so proud :)

Jenny Kapp said...

Very cute. Love her little outfit. Too bad she won't hand it down to me! Sad!

Grandma Cats said...

Great pictures, I checked every day for more pictures. Cute pictures of Ashlee and Brookelyn. Brookelyn looks so cute with Ashlee. Love all the pictures of every one, cute dress on Ashlee. Great family pictures also, looks like grandma is proud. Love, Grandma Cats

John and Stef said...

Kristie, she's perfect!!! I'm so, so happy for you guys.