Monday, May 14, 2012

Ashlee's Blessing

We had the most wonderful day for Ashlee's blessing. We had a bunch of family come to support us. Here are a few pictures.

Our cute little family

With Grandma and Grandpa Watson

With Grammy and Papa Peterson
The whole group. Brock, John, Lisa, Angie, Andy, Denise,
Papa, Courtney, Grammy, Zach, Heather, Mommy and Ash,
Brookelyn, Makenna, Jordan, Kayla, Alex, Daddy,
Grandma Cats, and Grandpa Cats.

Big sister and little sister

Ash in her beauiful dress. Made by her Grandma Watson
Including the bonnet, booties and slip

Not happy to be taking picture.

Sometime during the fun Brookelyn got a black eye.
We dont know how or when but it sure was pretty.


Jenny Kapp said...

Very sweet pictures. Of course love Ashlee's dress. Brooks is super cute too! Such pretty girls!

Jenny Kapp said...

I showed these to Simone and she told me they are not baby Ashlee but baby Coda. Also, baby Coda is a cry baby. The mommy should stop baby Coda from crying and give her strawberry milk! So there you have it!!

Grandma Cats said...

Great pictures. The one of Brookelyn and Ashlee is my favorite. They are all very good. It was a great day and a lot of fun. We are glad we were there to see it all and get re-acquainted with everyone. Ashlee was such a good baby, she had a right to get tired of pictures, and Brookelyn was having so much fun with her cousins and everyone that the black eye isn't too much of a surprise