Thursday, May 10, 2012

Two Months

This month Ashlee has gone from a newborn to an infant. She seriously is the best baby. Usually happy and smiling. She is a great sleeper. She sleep at night from 9pm til about 7am. (I know dream baby right) She eats alot during the day to make up for her sleeping through the night, but Id rather have her sleep. Ash learned to smile this month, which is so rewarding. I just cant get enough of her smiles. We are lucky to have such a wonderful baby.

Napping with Mommy

I am so good a making bubbles.

Sister changing my diaper. Shes actually pretty good at it.

My cute smiles

Im so excited

Pictures by Brookelyn

Brookey even caught a smile in this one.

Another Brookelyn shot. She tucked Ashlee in and set the picture up.

Hanging with Grandma and Grandpa Cats (Watson).
Me and my sister. We are so cute!
I like smiling for mommy.

These three were due 10 days apart, but born 1 month apart.
Ashlee, Kennedy, and Zoey
Such cute girls!

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Grandma Cats said...

those are such cute pictures, I didn't know you were taking pictures of us. Brookelyn is so cute with Ashlee. Maybe she has a career as a photographer in her future. Ashlee's smiles are so precious, and they are both so cute.