Monday, September 15, 2008

Grass is yucky

So I thought this was pretty funny. We went to the park the other day just to hang out and play. Darren and I had a Frisbee we were throwing and I thought Brookelyn would crawl after us while we played. So I set her a little bit away from where we were playing. The whole time we played she just sat there, very contently. We thought it was because she had just woke up from a nap. But really it was because she didn't want to touch the grass. She would stick her hand out to crawl forward but the grass would poke her hand and she didn't like that. Later we put her on the blanket and she did the same thing. She would crawl to the edge of the blanket then as soon as her hand touched the grass she would just stop and not move. I guess we found our baby gate. If only we had grass in our yard, or at the top and bottom of the stairs, it would be great.


Jenny Kapp said...

Enjoy that for the small amount of time it lasts. She will get used to the grass and move on! Then you will spend all of your time chasing her instead of playing frisbee!

Kaylynn said...

hahaha That is so funny. My son Gage did the same thing when he was that age!

Lisa Christesen said...

Makenna didn't like grass for about 5 times of being exposed to it, but then she wanted to go to much and now I can't keep track of her. Enjoy it whilie it lasts!!