Saturday, January 10, 2009

11 Months and Christmas

Ta-da! Here are all the picture that were promised from our trip.

We had a very busy trip. We stayed with my sister Jenny for a couple days. Stayed with my mom and dad for Christmas. Stayed with Darrens parents for a couple of days. On one of those days we went to the Watson Family party, always fun to eat and enjoy everybodys company. Went back to Provo for a day to go snowboarding. Then to Idaho for a wedding. Back to Provo after that, had car problems and fixed that. Then finally home after 15 days away.

Opening presents on Christmas.

Brookelyn's favorite part of Christmas was sitting on the wrapped presents.

This is funny cuz the blanket is on her head, the bag is usually next to the bed, and she is holding the railing with her toes.

Brookey didnt know what to think about the snow and being dressed in a snow suit.

But probably the best part of going to Utah was Brookelyn got to play with her cousins:

I didnt have any pictures of Tess and Brookelyn playing together. But Tess would be laying on the floor like this and Brookelyn would come and sit on her, then they would both laugh.


This is the love that Brookelyn feels for Elise all hugs and smiles.


These two girls got into so much trouble, but because they were so cute you couldnt get mad.

Playing on Brookelyn's new truck.

We went to Randy and Janna's wedding. It was so fun to see all the cousins, aunts and uncles.

We were in the car alot. Sometimes Brookelyn would be so confused about what was going on when she woke up. And sometimes she was just confused about who was sitting by her.

Darren and I got to go snowboarding with Chris, Nephi and Andy.

This is Darren teaching Chris how to snowboard. Darren is on the left.


Anonymous said...

Those are really good pictures. We sure enjoyed your visit, but wished it could have been longer. Glad you had fun and made it home ok. Too bad about the car trouble, glad you were able to get it fixed. Brookelyn is a good little traveler, for such long drives. Love Ya'll, grandma W.

Jenny Kapp said...

So cute! We sure miss you all - sorry, but especially Brookelyn. She was my sure thing love bug! Glad we get to get together as often as we do! Ok- we miss Darren too!

Lisa said...

Such cute pictures. Wish we could have been there. Brookelyn is getting so big!

carolyn said...

Brookelyn looks darling in those glasses! Sounds like you had a fun trip.

Saint Julien's said...

Kristie P! What a fun surprise. Fun to see you and your cute lil' babe, what a DOLL!! I don't remember that talent show, but now that I think about it a vague image comes back to me...! But I sure remember lots of other great memories...I think Nephi was the first person who told me crap wasn't a swear word. Ha-ha good to see ya!

Brittanie said...

What a fun holiday! I love the season for that reason. Next time you are here I should "run into you" somewhere. ;)