Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Ode to my bro's

So I have been thinking about this since I got back from Utah. I sure love my brothers! I got to spend alot of time with them while I was there. I am still laughing at some of the stuff they said and did. I still cringe at some of the stuff they said and did too. My brothers are my closest siblings in age to me.
My older brother, Nephi, has always been my protector and shinning example. I felt like he always took care of me, even when I didnt want him to. It was so hard to live up to his example in everything he did. He has always been strong and a solid in my life.
My lil brother, Andy, is my purist and adventurist. He always sees the best in people and makes friends with everyone, everywhere we go, which I dont do so well. He also tries everything whether or not its safe. He doesnt have a scaredy bone in him.
I know that I wouldnt be the crazy girl I am if it werent for my brothers and their zaniness. I also love my brother-in-laws too. They sure keep me on my toes. Between the jokes and pokes I have to be alert and ready for anything. They all make me laugh in their own special ways. So John, Chris, Scott, Alan, Brian, Michael, and Brent, you guys are great!
And Darren really loves hanging with all the bro's too, which is a plus in my book!


Lisa said...

I love my bro's too. They do keep you on your toes! But then again so do you!

Anonymous said...

Your right I am a little crazy!!! aka Frankenstein