Friday, January 30, 2009

2 Tag

2 favorite names: Charlie and of course Brookelyn

2 favorite months: July- my birthday and holidays, February- Darren, Brooeklyn, both moms (well Faye's is actually Jan 31, so close enough), my grandma, my sister and brother's birthdays are all in February. I guess I just love birthdays.

2 favorite foods (and you can't say Pizza): ice cream- strawberry and mint cookies and cream, and Mama Mare's Italian Soup

2 favorite nuts: pistachios and salty or chocolate covered peanuts

2 favorite stores: Kohl's and Target, I go to target every Tuesday as my stress release

2 favorite activities: going for walks with Darren and snuggling on the couch

2 favorite huggers: My daddy- I admit I am a daddies girl, and my brother Nephi- he is just so big and cuddly and half the time he picks me up

2 favorite conversationalists (besides spouse): Well I call my sisters or mom when I am down and need a lift, and the girls in my ward- all of them are fun in their own ways.

2 people to tag: Jodi and April, I havent heard from you both in a while


Lisa said...

Awesome blossom. I really like that.

Brittanie said...

LOL - Tuesday Target trips for stress relief...I love it!
I think I will need to start doing that. =)

Beth's Blue Blog said...

i like the name charlie, too! for a boy, though. as a girl name it makes me think of that jack weyland story.